Center Point Wish-list

Thank you for your generous support!

Some items on our Wish List are necessities, while others are nice perks that would make our facility an even better venue for our Conference Center guests. The items marked with an asterisk * need immediate attention.

If you want to provide your professional expertise to help us with our Wish List, it would be terrific! If you would like to donate funds toward any of these items, it would also be terrific! We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm to make a difference.

Banquet Room

  • 175 additional chairs
  • 8’ rectangular tables (22) – DONE
  • Counter/cabinets with two sinks and refrigerator/freezer
  • Door mats for south entry and courtyard – DONE
  • Eight 5’ round tables
  • Hard-wired internet connection (two locations)
  • Lectern with microphone stand
  • Portable public address system
  • Projector
  • Retractable screen – DONE
  • Two 6’ height-adjustable rectangular tables – DONE
  • Two table carts for 8’ rectangular tables – 1 DONE, 1 more to go
  • Two table carts for round tables

Banquet Room Storage Area

  • Remodel to secure equipment for sound system, projector, drum set, etc.
  • Remodel to store 20, 5’ round tables and 22, 8’ rectangular tables
  • Remodel to store approximately 250 chairs
  • Remodel to support storage for recurring users of banquet room

Building Exterior, Mechanical Equipment or General Needs

  • Caulk siding *
  • East side exterior light upgrade – DONE
  • Enclose fire sprinkler riser *
  • Exterior Paint *
  • Furnace replacement in northeast section
  • Garage remodel – DONE
  • HVAC system upgrades
  • Install flooring in emergency exit hallway and porch on west side
  • Interior directional signage *
  • Lighting for outdoor monument sign
  • New lock and handle on east side entry door – DONE
  • Replace deteriorating wooden stairs and deck on south side *
  • Replace roofing on east facing portion of east roof *
  • Replace roofing on east facing portion of west roof – DONE
  • Replace roofing on north facing portion of south roof – DONE
  • Replace roofing on south facing portion of north roof *
  • Replace roofing on west facing portion of east roof *
  • Siding and stonework – DONE
  • Two outside display cases – DONE

Closet Storage, East Side Hallway

(to support conference rooms)

  • Design to accommodate nine 5’ round tables, lectern, chair dolly, etc.
  • Remodel a closet in east side hallway to support conference rooms #300 and #306

Conference Room 300

  • Conference phone and connection
  • Four tables with castors, convertible to make a conference table
  • Hard-wired internet connection
  • Provide air conditioning
  • Replace small refrigerator
  • Smart TV with videoconferencing – DONE
  • Two flip charts – 1 DONE, 1 more to go

Conference Room 306

  • Double-bowl sink (in addition to current single-bowl sink)
  •  Eight 5’ round tables (want to store in new hallway closet)
  • Hard-wired internet connection
  • Hot plate trivets – DONE
  • Lectern with microphone stand
  • Oven Mitts – DONE
  • Portable public address system
  • Provide air conditioning
  • Update big-screen TV


  • Bistro table with four chairs
  • Replace deteriorated garden centerpiece and plantings– IN PROCESS
  • Two bistro tables with two chairs each – 1 DONE, 1 more to go


  • Custodial cart – DONE
  • Design and build custodial area with mop sink and storage
  • Design one area available to event space users, while another area secured for custodian
  • Hand-held portable shampooer – DONE
  • Replace large, commercial vacuum
  • Replace small, commercial vacuum – DONE
  • Small washer/dryer for linens, kitchen towels, etc.

Dining Supplies

  • The following items would support both the Banquet Room and Conference Room 306:
    • 224 black linen napkins
    • 224 bowls
    • 224 dinner plates
    • 224 flatware settings
    • 224 water goblets
    • 28 black linen tablecloths for 5’ round tables
    • 6 black linen tablecloths for 8’ rectangular tables
    • Serving bowls, trays, etc.
    • Table centerpieces and other decorative items

Hallway Remodel (west side)

  • Add lobby nearer entry door
  • Carpeting
  • Lobby furniture
  • New doors and hardware
  • Remodel the west side to match the east side hallway
  • Remove popcorn ceiling
  • Texture and paint walls and ceiling
  • Update lighting


(to support Banquet Room and for teaching classes)

  • Design and build kitchen to support several different uses
    Include the following:  
    • Commercial dishwasher
    • Commercial refrigerator and freezer
    • Counters, sinks and cabinets
    • Mixer and other needed appliances
    • Oven, cook top and ventilation system
    • Pantry
    • Storage for linens, etc.
    • Washer/dryer for linens, kitchen towels, etc.
  • Supply the following:
    • Cooking pots and pans
    • Delivery carts and serving carts
    • Knives and serving utensils
    • Linens, towels, oven mitts and trivets
    • Plates, flatware and glassware

Maintenance Closet

  • Design and build to accommodate ladders, tools, paint, supplies, etc.

Management Office

  • Fireproof file cabinet – DONE
  • Remodel room #302 – IN PROCESS
  • Six chairs – DONE
  • Small conference table – DONE

* Restrooms Remodel for Main Floor

  • Design and build to support both Conference Center and tenant usage
  • Hallway drinking fountains